These Are Not New

Back in the day when I was still earning six figures, I was able to afford a hefty number of designer purses, designer sunglasses and quite a few number of dresses. I had two jobs and one of them paid $150 an hour while the other one – my full-time job back then, paid me $68 an hour. Every time I would get my paycheck on my part-time job, I would look at the Louis Vuitton website and check out the newest season purses. After a few years, I was able to possess about 10 Louis Vuitton purses, a Burberry handbag, Gucci Bowler Boston bag and about six pairs of designer sunglasses like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior.

When my unfortunate event happened, I sold about 5 of my Louis Vuitton bags for less than half price . When moving from my resort-style apartment to my cheaper apartment, I had to donate maybe 20 pairs of shoes, 20+ dresses, 100+ pairs of barely used Victoria’s Secret bras. There was no space for them in my new smaller apartment. I also donated plenty of costume jewelry and books.

Now, despite earning 75% less than what I used to earn, I can be seen wearing dresses and shoes that are pretty pricey in the market. They are all shoes and clothes though. I just take good care of my belongings pretty well that they don’t look as old as they really are. I still own some designer jewelry, $400 sunglasses and the rest of my Louis Vuitton purses are stashed away. It was bittersweet parting with my older Vuitton purses as they are a product of my work and on those times that I worked overtime. The money that came out of selling them helped me so much with rent and bills.

The reason I am writing about this is because, I get that head-to-toe look from my lady boss at work. Somehow I have a feeling that she must wonder how I could afford such beautiful dresses. She complements me often but gives me that look which is supposedly rude. You know what I’m talking about. One time, I wore a sleeveless dress which she said was very pretty and she told me that she is not allowed to wear clothes similar to mine because it will expose her tattoos. Over time, she stopped complementing me but would just look at me from head to toe when I announced to her that I have arrived at work. Her gaze is so pronounced that I always notice it. My boy boss looks at my chest area a lot when talking to me. I had my breasts enlarged 6 years ago. Now that I am 20 pounds heavier than six years ago, they look even bigger.

Lady boss is the one who does hourly selfies, if not every 30 minutes. She asked me the other day if I have Snapchat and I told her that I don’t. She asked me why I don’t have Snapchat and I told her that I just don’t have time for any more social media apps. That was a lie…but it’s true that I have enough social apps. Then she snapped a selfie of herself and posted it on Snapchat in front of me, in front of the restaurant.

Guests compliment me on my clothes all the time. I tell them, “Target circa 2012…” or something like that. Sometimes, I told say that I buy my clothes from Goodwill. Sometimes I tell them that my clothes are from Ross Dress for Less. One of the servers often times come to work with a Louis Vuitton Damier shoulder bag. The Other hostess brings in her Michael Kors handbag. I cannot see how a server can afford a $3,000 shoulder bag and bring it to work. I just figured that it must be a knock off. The other hostess’ Michael Kors bag is huge – it was pretty transparent that she was bringing it to work to show it off. What’s the point though? Bringing a genuine leather – supposedly – bag only to have it hidden under a dirty host stand for the whole time? If I were to bring my Burberry handbag, it might catch attention and I might get less tips. I can imagine them seeing that I brought in my Berkeley bag. I go to work using my Vera Bradley purses. Anyone tries to steal my bag, it will be easy to spot in the CCTV. Hahaha !

When it comes to jewelry, I don’t wear a lot when I go to work besides my pair of Swarovski pierced earrings. I would like to convey to my coworkers that I am thrifty and really need as much money as I’m able. One time, the other hostess told me my earrings were irregularly shaped. I told her, “it’s the cut.”. She told me that it glistens under the light. I told her it’s just a crystal.

I also stopped coloring my hair, so I have a lot of gray hair popping out of my roots. Somehow, my lady boss told me that it looks like I got myself an “ombré” or balyage. Hee! I told her that I just stopped coloring my hair because it saves me money. I also stop getting my nails done as compared to before where I would get them long in the nail salon and spend $50. I just stop doing that and paint my nails at home using my old nail polish bottles. Like I said, I take really good care of my shit even if it were just nail polish bottles. Every week, I would have a new color on my nails for without wasting gas and paying for the nails. I only spend on nail polish remover which is two dollars and cotton pads.

Even my make up is not new. Back in the day, I would shop at Sephora almost every day and get some new eyeshadow palette, several lipstick shades from one brand, perfume, liners, and plenty of face foundation and powder. Over time, I also accumulated quite a few skin care products that are considered luxurious. I sold quite a few of them last year and a few months ago to help with my finances. Say, Estee Lauder moisturizers and serums, La Mer, Hermes, YSL BB creams, etc. They in turn became sort of like investments.

So I may look like I stepped out of Neiman Marcus BUT this look isn’t coming from a new closet. There’s always a plus side to taking great care of your property even if it means it’s your underwear.


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