Social Media

It is imperative at my work that we shouldn’t be using our phones during work. I think this is true with any employer. Back when I was at my old job, I used my cellphone a lot to communicate with our clients, so that’s different.

One of my bosses – the newest one – is addicted to Instagram, Snapchat and any other snap-and-share app. There is NOT a minute that she doesn’t have her fucking iPhone in front of her face. Everyone knows she isn’t doing work-related activities on her phone as she shows staff that she’s snap-chatting in the patio.

Can’t that fucking wait ? Do you really need to take selfies every fucking hour ? Geez. Lol

To be honest, the less I am on social media, the more productive I become during the day. One time, I walked my doggy and forgot my phone to bring with me. I got to pay attention to the leaves falling, the wind blowing on my face and the beautiful weather. Since then, I never bring my phone with me when I walk my dog.

One day, I saw this snappy-addict boss of mine in the patio and she admitted to Snap-chatting and that someone might catch her. Well, naturally, I warned to be careful. She knows it’s against work policy – whatever she’s doing. If there is anyone who is legitimately on the phone all day would be my main manager. I take phone calls for him all day. The other boss, boy boss, is rarely out with his cellphone. Girl boss will die if she loses her phone. Pathetic soul.

When fat bitch Kathy sees her, I wonder what she will say. One time she saw me punching stuff on my phone and she yelled “Jane, put that away!”. She apologized later that she may have been too harsh. In my head, I was telling her “no, you’re just annoying as fuck”. Heh.

I will write something about fat Kathy in another post as I’m running late for work.


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