Stray Family

Before climbing to bed tonight, I made a quick check on my leg and thighs for any slugs. Good lawd, I have never seen so many slugs at once, somehow I’m scared I’ll dream about them on me. Shudder.

Throughout the non-post weeks, I have been trying to take care of this stray cat and her two kittens. My son once told me that there were maybe 4 kittens. They are lurking in a bush against the wall outside of my parking space. As a matter of fact, I think that’s their home…but it really isn’t . They’re a homeless family. My heart aches.

A few weeks after moving in this new apartment, I would spot a tortoise looking cat walking about my neighborhood grounds. I think that this may be the father of the kittens now that I see their mom. The kittens have the prettiest blue eyes similar to their mom. The first time I tried to approach them to give them some food, the mother cat hissed at me and she did it so forcefully I knew exactly why. She was trying to protect her kittens. There were two of them : The cutest ash-gray kitten and the prettiest white kitten with blue eyes. I immediately fell in love with this cat family when I saw them despite the fact that I was being hissed at to almost a growl from the mother cat. She’s very skinny and looks like she hasn’t eaten for days or weeks. Her kittens are so frail-looking. I had some cans of Fancy Feast cat food which my cats only seem to like for 3 seconds. These have been in my kitchen cabinet ever since we moved, from the old apartment. I brought three cans on the first day that I saw the cats and emptied all of it on a disposable plate. The mother cat devoured almost all of it. She bit off chunks of the cat food from the plate and tried to bring it to the back of the bush. Immediately after that, the gray kitten started coming out of the bush and ate from the same plate. Poor thing ! Poor kitty !!! Despite knowing that I have done something good for this little family, my heart ached because I knew that they didn’t have a home.

A few days after, when I had the opportunity to find information about surrendering stray animals, I tried to call the Humane Society that is closest to where I live. I left a voicemail as it seems like there is a very long waiting period, if you want to speak to a person. Sigh. I told them about potentially borrowing a trap-N-neuter cage. The weekend following that call, I received a voicemail telling me that their next appointment available for surrendering cats and other stray animals is October. They also mentioned that they did not have any TNR cages at this time.

Why is there an appointment necessary to bring an animal over? I thought the Humane Society was humane.

When Pet Smart had a promotion where you get to buy one bag and get one free bag of cat food, I took this opportunity to get some kitten kibble. A few days before that as well, I dropped by Walmart and bought a box of more Fancy Feast canned cat food. It was in my mission to take care of this little family outside my apartment. So, believe it or not, I bought a 7 pound kitten kibble from the Blue Buffalo brand. Lucky kitties! I was quite happy that there was a promotion and I was able to buy more and enough for my own little furry family.

To cut the story a little short, the kittens and their mom have been getting their rations of food daily from me and my son. We both feel that we need to do something before the winter comes. I’ve even put it on Facebook for my friends to know that I have stray kittens and their mommy cat that need a home. At this time, it is impossible for me to try and get at least the kittens to a box considering that my other hand is still recovering from surgery. I don’t think that taking them away from their mom at this time would also do them good. The kittens are probably four weeks old. One time, my daughter’s boyfriend said that he once rescued a mother cat with her kittens and he surrendered them to the shelter. He said that the shelter took the kittens and put the mother down. That is so heartbreaking.

“Baboon!” I told my dog, “I haven’t fed the kittens today.” I actually didn’t feel so bad because I left them enough food the day before and it was enough to last them until today. My son also brought down some water yesterday when I mentioned the cats need to be fed. Tonight, I poured more kibble in the plastic cup I used to transfer food and a cup of wet food. I saw the kittens the day before and they were side-by-side staring at the road, a few feet away. Today, no sign of both kitties and the mom.

So tonight, telling my dog Baboon that I had to go feed the strays, I brought the kibble and the wet food and used my cellphone flashlight for me to see the ground. The disposable plate was still there – a bit dirty from this little slimy thing I really couldn’t tell what from the tiny light from my phone. I used a plant leaf to scrape it off the plate. It looked like a snot. A thick snot. Gross.

So while I poured the kibble, I noticed something gray and shiny a few inches away from the plate. “Hmm.”, I thought. “A snail lost its shell ???” I opened the cup of wet food and laid it away from the… oh my God, it was a fucking garden slug AND THEY WERE ALL OVER THE FUCKING GROUND !!!!! Tiny slugs, medium slugs and the mother of all slugs right at the corner, a few inches from my feet. What else could they be ? I honestly have never seen a fucking slug in real life.

As I walked backwards to exit the little space between the bush and the wall, I shine the flashlight on my path to see how vast the slug colony was. When I got out and on concrete grounds again, I said in a loud whisper, “Siri, show me pictures of a slug.”

“You need to unlock your iPhone first.”

Fucking Siri.

I didn’t need a lot of time to confirm that what I saw were slugs. Squirm. Squirm. Squirm.

My attention shifted from the slug pictures to the mother cat that has then come out to feed. My thoughts started racing, thinking about the kittens. “I wonder where the kittens could be ?” Typically the gray one comes out quicker. The white one often is last to feed. “Ohhhhh no, could the slugs have hurt them ???” I imagined the slugs on the kitties and their blood getting sucked out of their tiny bodies. There was a debate going on in my head of whether to begin a slug massacre.

As I climbed back to my apartment, I said a little prayer that the kittens are OK. Also, I realized that my pajama pants were beyond my feet and touched the ground. The slug-infested ground.

“Baboon!” I exclaimed to my 10-year-old dog, “The kittens aren’t there!”

Baboon didn’t seem to give a fuck. My cats couldn’t care less if the fuck flew either.

Stripping off my pants in the bathroom, I checked for anything slimy and shiny. Even anything that looked like a thick giant snot. Thankfully, none. So I’m in bed now and my Seroquel hasn’t kicked in so far. I honestly want to watch a little more TV to play with my thoughts about the slugs.

Well, I guess I’ll have to let y’all know.


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