My Umbrella

I lost my umbrella today. How so ? It’s been so hot lately that I have been using my tribal-print automatic umbrella for shade when I go for walks. Today, I went to see my doctor for my post surgery check up … I know I still had it when I drove back home. However, along the drive home I decided to drop by Target to pick up some milk.

Yes, I used my umbrella to walk from my car to the store. When I entered, my gaze was stuck on this yellow dress…I went to the fitting room to try a small and a medium, came out with the small dress and headed to get milk.

I may have left my trusty umbrella in the fitting room. I REALLY, really love that umbrella. It definitely has sentimental value.

Back last year, I was unemployed and couldn’t seem to get a job. I began to find comfort it walking everyday – 10,000 steps to be the goal. This brought me to discovering new parks, went back to photography and embrace nature as a part of my therapy. I was hopping from one park to anther all the way thru winter when the rains started to fall almost everyday. I still went out to walk. My colorful umbrella was with me through wind and rain. It protected me and my camera from being ambushed by the huge raindrops and made me feel happy no matter now stormy my life was and the weather have been. The colors are bright and beautiful. I’ve had this umbrella only for a short 3 or 4 years but it was with me when I was in my rainy season.

Sigh. It sounds so superficial to be mourning over a material belonging BUT have you ever lost something – like a keychain or a favorite pen ? Didn’t it make you feel like you lost a part of your well-being? It’s how I feel right now.

Maybe it’s just here somewhere. I have looked in my car and it isn’t there. I may have left it at Starbucks- inside Target.

I don’t think so.

It’s in the fitting room. Had I just walked to the milk fridge, I may still have my umbrella. Now I’ll have to buy a new one and that’s going to cost me something against my budget. Well, I still have 2 black umbrellas and a really tiny manual umbrella – now THIS I really cannot lose – that’s more than 15 years old. This old umbrella is still working but quite small. It’s plaid and really lightweight. It has traveled with me from country to country. Makes me giggle a little because I always seem to have an umbrella with me when I travel.

What aches me more really is that I lost something in a place I know BUT I am quite positive it’s no longer there. I’m so perplexed ! Why would I lose my umbrella that’s been in my purse all that time ? I may have brought it out while in the fitting room to check my phone.

Please, Baby Jesus ! Help me find my umbrella.


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