At the Pharmacy

Picking up my Xanax yesterday after work, I had no clue what I was going to come across.

Entering the vicinity of the little plaza where my pharmacy is located, I saw an empty spot right in front of me which was just in front of the place. So I drove slowly because I knew I was going to cross a small intersection. As I was slowly getting closer to the parking space, I did see an SUV backing out of a disabled parking space. So I eased into the space and before you know it, the SUV almost rammed and T-boned me.

The driver pulled behind me and from my side view mirror I can see his fuming face. I got out of my car and made sure my camera was on video in case he threatens me. According to him, he was waiting for the spot I took . He said that i just drove straight in while his signal was pointing to the spot. Hmm. I apologized and told him that I didn’t see him. He was upset and questioned how I didn’t. Well, I didn’t tell him that I saw him backing out of the disabled space. He doesn’t have a disabled placard. He was just mad that I took his parking spot …. looking around, there really wasn’t any need for him to be so revved up. There were PLENTY of empty spaces !!!

So, in an attempt to just go on about my day and not pay attention to this cunt, I offered to leave the space and started to go back to my car. “Oh so now you’re going to move ???” He spits. I was so dumbfounded. Eventually a car left from 2 spaces away and the cunt drove his SUV there and parked. He came out of his car and started arguing with me still. I honestly didn’t know what the fuck he wanted. I already apologized and he was still aggressive and said he was going to hit me because of what I did. I told him that I feel harassed and he’s scaring me. “What you did was wrong !” He insisted. “Do you do this all the time ?” He asks. I told him that I have been cut in parking areas before too but it wasn’t a big deal.

Good grief. Inside his green Expedition was a younger man (must be his son) and a woman in the backseat I figured was his wife. This is an overweight Latino man wearing an oversized T-shirt, baggy jeans and a smug face. What the fuck does he think he is ? I told him I had the right to park there too. Nothing calmed him down so I called 911 on his ass. The dispatcher told me to go ahead and get my medicine in the store and they’re sending police. I told the dispatcher that I’m scared and I feel aggravated just because of his accusations.

I picked up my meds and told the staff in my pharmacy about the altercation that happened to me outside the store. They were all surprised that such was just due to parking. Yes, me too. Road rage due to parking when there’s so many parking spaces that were empty. Maybe that space held a place in his heart ?

After I left the pharmacy, the cunt was waiting outside. I walked to my car and drove off. I called 911 again to tell them that I had left and requested to speak with the officer who was going to respond to my call. I just needed someone to control this asshole while we talked about his issue. However, I left and eventually I received a call from the police. “He was so mad that I took his parking but didn’t calm down when I offered to just leave the spot and park somewhere else. I don’t understand how he was so upset.” I thanked the cop and hung up.

By the way, I took a few pictures of this cunt and posted it on social media to alert my friends that someone was aggravating me and that I didn’t feel safe. The mother fucker almost hit me and I was the one apologizing. Plus he wouldn’t let it go. This makes me question how this man’s family life must be and what kind of children he must be raising.

What a sad individual. I should’ve shoved a Xanax in his ass. That may have calmed him down.


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