My new place has a pretty nice location. Unlike my previous residence, my balcony is set between two large oak trees. Although a lot of its leaves fall in my balcony every day, I don’t mind sweeping. It keeps my mind off things. My balcony is also pretty shaded, again, by the trees. 

Right now, I’m drinking my late-morning coffee nestled next to these beautiful trees. I wake up often facing my window and seeing the trees (besides my cat’s face on mine) help me get up and be positive. My hands have been hurting again. The steroid injection may be wearing off and I might need to make an appointment with my doctor for my next shot. Carpal tunnel sucks. I wore my wrist braces all day yesterday and then today. I know that this is because of lifting those heavy plates at work and primarily just having to scrub tiny little things at work as well.

The great thing is, my salary increased and so are my tips ! My son also got a job and tells me he really likes it. My therapist is back from her vacation and I cannot wait to tell her about it. She gave me a phone call this morning and I told her that I have already moved into a new place. She sounded delighted by it. 

My mood has been pretty good lately. My feelings of depression has lifted and I am quite sure that this is due to the Zoloft and the fact that we have moved out of that apartment complex. I also have not been having any nightmares although I have been dreaming again and remembering it. Money is really a big factor when it comes to sanity. One thing that I am quite scared off and think about sometimes are the side effects of the Seroquel. It is an antipsychotic medication and has side effects that can include tic and involuntary movements called extra pyramidal symptoms. 

Time and time again, I remember to take deep breaths. The weather has been hot the past few days but the wind helps. Yesterday, I was watching a hummingbird fly around the rainbow flower pinwheel that I have in my balcony. It was doing that for a few minutes and it made me feel good. I tried to take a picture of it and a video but I think that scared it. 

Right in front of my building, there is an olive tree that has so many fruits right now. I remember last year, when I was still dating this man, he had an olive tree in front of his apartment too and when the fruits ripened, they would fall to the ground and people would step on them. There was a time that I asked him to grab some olives for me but the branches were too high for him to reach considering that he only stands 5’4. 

As I was writing this post, the hummingbird came ! I think it has this idea that the fake hummingbird decor I have next to the pinwheel is real. 

Back to work tomorrow and then seeing my therapist the next day. 


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