Laundry Day

So far all of the neighbors I’ve met here at my new apartment is nice and cordial. Like for example, when I was looking for where to get a laundry card – I’ve never used one for doing my laundry , a Middle Eastern woman who was in the laundry room that day was kind and nice to tell me where I could get it. 

Today, I felt a bit squeamish about doing my laundry for the first time reading that a lot of their washers can be broken at times. So I bring down my hamper and hooked it to my trolley and headed to the laundry room closest to me. 

Immediately I had a problem – I couldn’t get the darn machine to start. Put card in, select wash and start. Nothing. A few minutes later, a tall gentleman with salt and pepper curly hair (I’m guessing Samoan or Fijian) came in. I asked him if the machine was broken and he inspected it shortly and pushed the door to the machine – it clicked ! Then the water started flowing . Hee ! I thanked him. He introduced himself as John and I told him his hair is really pretty. Very nice man. He asked me my name again, saying he was bad with names. I said “me too”.

So there’s my first day at the laundry. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out if I should wait for my wash to finish or go walk my dog. 

Meanwhile, for the whole weekend, my son and I have been coming in at 7 am – good lawd – to do extra work at the restaurant. Yes ! My son was able to get a job there too and that was the highlight of my week. My boss told me that he’s heard about my financial dilemma and wanted to help me out. Therefore, he gave me and my son the task of cleaning the restaurant floor of hardened grease. No sweat. It was to be honest a bit of work and I am super sore at the moment but anything to have extra income. Plus, my son and I were working together. 

The Zoloft may be working already as I’ve been on it for over a month. The Seroquel doesn’t immediately put me to sleep anymore and I have been remembering my dreams again – although no nightmares. Thanks be to God. 

Do people steal other people’s laundry ?


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