New Place 

After searching for months for a new home,  I’m happy to say that my family and I got some overwhelming response. I found an apartment that was cheaper and although it’s a further drive from work, it saved me and my sanity. I was totally already getting myself ready for homelessness. 

My boss at work heard about my issue and – despite the a-hole that my coworkers thought he was, he reached out to me and referred me to a friend of his that manages apartments in San Jose. I was walking home, desperate and almost hopeless when I got his message and by the next day, his friend had started messaging me. Unfortunately, she didn’t have available rooms for the coming week which was the end of my lease. I was still thankful that she was very nice and kind to work with our situation.

Meanwhile, I was also working with leasing agent from my current -then-Apartment and he gave me information about another agent in San Jose. After a shift one day, I scheduled a meeting and application. My financial issue and bankruptcy ultimately didn’t qualify – until my sister co-signed the lease with me. She said she doesn’t want to see me or my son homeless.

The approval application was a lot of communications here and there … but by the 4th of July, my family and I had officially moved out of our old apartment to our new second floor one that has a view of Mount Hamilton.

God is good and I never doubted that my family and I will see this through. My sister may have gotten a wee upset with me but she explained herself . I told her she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She is the kindest person one will ever meet.

Also, as I communicated with my boss during that fateful night after work, I mentioned to him that my son will be needing work and I was hoping he could get hired. He then urged me to have him put in an application. Short of the long, it’s his first day of work today. 

I gave my boss a hug upon coming back to work. He is very religious and kind after all. He put his arm around my shoulder and I told him how much I really appreciate him.

Now that we are all settled, I want to keep taking care of this anxiety and depression so I can help myself and my son. I know that my previous home situation wasn’t the last challenge but I can’t wait to tell my therapist about how this turned out. 

God is great. God kept me strong and my faith will never falter. There is always a reason for everything. 


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